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Coos Bay hosts Oregon’s largest Oyster and clam beds.  Mud and silt disturbed by this project can smother our oyster and clam beds.  Dredging our bay for huge LNG tankers will require underwater blasting to remove millions of tons of bedrock and sand that will be dumped in the ocean off of Sunset Bay State park.  This project will kill crabs and clams important to our economy and will result in erosion of our shoreline. All recreational and commercial vessels will be unable to sail while 1,000-foot LNG tankers are under way in the bay.  The pipeline will harm dozens of rivers and streams that support salmon essential to our economy.

Katy’s opponent consistently votes to permit the LNG projects despite citizen opposition and decisions by the State Land Use Board of Appeals finding the County’s decisions were legally flawed. After fighting the County on this issue for over 2 years, Katy decided to become the County so she can fight for your safety, rights, job and home!

Coos County Needs Stable Funding