The Clam Diggers Association of Oregon endorses Katy Eymann for Coos County Commissioner

The Port of Coos Bay, an Oregon State Agency,is giving away your rights to access Coos Bay to a company in a foreign Country. Do you really believe that the Federal Department of Homeland Security will allow the recreational crabbers and fishermen anywhere near the ships transporting LNG limiting access to your boating pleasure and rights in Coos Bay. In addition clam diggers are not excluded from losing access to the tidal flats to dig clams. The Port will dredge those clam digging areas out of existence. The sheriff’s department has already added deputies to enforce trespass restrictions against crabbers, fishermen and clam diggers. 

The State of Oregon is compelled to mitigate the loss of recreational opportunity. In Coos Bay they complied by converting the Kentuck Slough already public golf course to tideland. This was nothing more than the theft of public property. This is nothing new to the recreational enthusiast of Yaquina Bay: the state and federal agencies failed to keep their commitment to mitigate the loss of recreational opportunity for the loss of use and access to the tidelands associated to construction of the NOAA facility in Yaquina Bay. By failing to keep their commitment: the NOAA, ODFW and the Port of Newport lied. Lying to the public about the mitigation for the loss of recreational opportunity is the standard operating practice for governmental agencies taking public land without compensation or compensation of little value.

The taking of private property to implement the construction of the LNG pipeline in support of the objectives of the foreign company is Un-American. Something our elected representative should consider when running for political office.

In summary: Limited public access to Coos Bay in conjunction of an expanded police force, failure to adequately mitigate the loss of recreational opportunity and the taking of private property is an assault one our rights as a citizens of Oregon.
William Lackner