County veto LNG?

Does Coos County have the power to veto the CB LNG Project?

The federal Natural Gas Act  says the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has “exclusive jurisdiction over the transportation of natural gas in the United Sates. Except, The Natural Gas Act is subject to another federal law called the Coastal Zone Management Act             

The Coastal Zone Management Act, requires the coastal states to manage their coastal zones WA and CA manage their Coastal Zones at the state level.  Both CA and WA decided  LNG Terminals are  not allowed.

In Oregon, the CZMA is managed at the County level using state and local land use laws

Consequently, the Coos County Commissioner have the power to VETO an LNG terminal if they determine it idoes not comply with its land use laws. There are many requirements, One is to cooperate with the Indian tribes about protecting cultural resources. The project also has to  demonstrate it has a  “substantial public benefit.”

If the Commisoners say yes, there still is no guarantee it will happen.

 If the Commissioners denies a necessary permit.  It is dead.

So, how much power does Coos County have to STOP this project? The answer is absolute. Under the CZMA, two Coos Commissioner have the power to Kill it.