Sustainable Forestry AND County Revenue

How can the County Revenue problem be solved?

For long time, Coos County has had it easy, we got a good chunk of money every year from the transfer of payments from the Federal Government to the County Government for timber harvests. That revenue has been declining due to fewer timber harvests on federal land.  

Coos County’s most valuable revenue generating asset is the Coos County Forest. We can all agree that the forest should be managed sustainably so it can maximize its return. Yet The County Commissioners have voted to end that  policy. They now want to cut the faster,  which yields less than it could,  if the trees were left to grow. It also robs the future of the value it could have. It is short-sighted.

I support the Coos County Forest being managed sustainably.

I will work to increase County revenue long term by encouraging home ownership and creating a prosperous and healthy economy.  We are blessed to live in a beautiful, productive area. We have commercial fishing, prosperous farms, well-managed tree farms and over 3000 steady jobs created by the tourism industry. I want to build on our economic strengths. I will work hard to  discover new job opportunities so Coos County can grow and economically prosper.