Protecting Property Rights in Coos Bay

Larry and Sylvia Mangen

We are land owners in Coos Bay, actually Haynes Inlet up in the North part of Coos Bay.

About a year ago, we got a letter from Jordan Cove LNG saying that one of their routes is across our property and they said that if FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) approves their application, they have the right to take our property for our pipeline.

The problem is that this foreign corporation, through Eminent Domain is legally able to take our property.

We are going to give this the fight of our lives.  We are never going to sign up, we are never going to let them buy our property.

That is why we are going to vote for Katy Eymann for Coos County Commissioner.  Katy has our backs.  We know that she will fight the proposed LNG plan and she will help us and the other 300 people in the state of Oregon that are also subject to Eminent Domain.

Katy Eymann for Coos County Commissioner.