Katy Eymann’s campaign focuses on boosting the current economy and opposing the Jordan Cove Project


COQUILLE — Protecting environmental integrity and preserving the county’s resources are essential to Katy Eymann’s bid for election as she runs for Coos County Commissioner, Position No. 2. The attorney, who has been campaigning in the last few months, is focusing her run on covering the safety and economic concerns she has with the Jordan Cove Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Project as well as hitting upon other issues.

Eymann said the industry’s standards for construction of the terminal should be put into place and that currently it does not. Of which she said the terminal should never be built close to a populated area, should never be on the outside corner of a navigation channel and shouldn’t be placed in an area where there is a potential geologic disturbance.

“If there was an explosion at the LNG terminal, people in the concerned zone would be subject to second degree burns within 30 seconds,” said Eymann. “Consider the fact there’s a subduction zone earthquake, which is only eight miles from Coos Bay, if the gas is released people will be subjected to burns.”

Along with her safety concerns, Eymann said the construction of the project would also be hurtful to the county’s economy in regards to its fishing and tourism industry. She mentioned the jobs the terminal is supposed to bring to the area would be outsourced out of Coos County. In addition, she urged if the pipeline were to be constructed that Coos County landowners will be subject to eminent domain. That being said, landowners would be forced to give up their land for the use of the pipeline regardless of having permission, said Eymann.

“My main thing is to educate people how our boosting economy shouldn’t be hurt for the benefit of one foreign corporation,” said Eymann.

Eymann serves at the president of the Citizens Against LNG, which began as a group of volunteers opposing the LNG project and developing renewable, sustainable energy. She has also served on the Oregon Board of Maritime Pilots as chair, worked as a Coos County public defender and was on the Southwestern Community College’s Board of Education.

Eymann stressed although she is concerned with the LNG project and acknowledged it’s the main focus on her campaign that she is dedicated to other issues regarding the county. She mentioned her concern for the homeless population in town and working on trying to find solutions to help address it. She also expressed concern on the harvesting that’s being done on timber and the concern of over cutting.

Growing up in Marcola, Oregon, Eymann said she’ had a lot of practice in the political realm as her father Richard O. Eymann served as the speaker of the Oregon House in 1973. She recalls helping him campaign at the age of four and holds onto the advice he’d given her early on.

“My dad taught me the importance of listening,” said Eymann. “He also talked about the importance of and collaboration.”

Eymann graduated from the University of Oregon’s School of Law and in 1979 moved to Coos County. She is married to Bill Bradbury, former Oregon State Representative and Secretary of State.

“I am committed to creating a government that we can be proud of,” said Eymann. “I want people to know I’m dedicated to the whole job.”