[The World Newspaper] Vote Eymann for Commissioner



Voters concerned with the future of Coos County should vote for Katy Eymann for commissioner.

Katy is an attorney who has researched the LNG proposal for years. She recognizes the project’s dangers and will not support a project whose detriments outweigh the benefits. The fact that California and Washington have refused to allow this dangerous fossil fuel to be exported by a foreign corporation from any of their ports is evidence enough.

The incumbent Coos County Commissioners have bought into a promise of instant short-term prosperity without looking at the long-term costs and benefits.

They would be sacrificing the fishing, tourism, and retirement industries of this beautiful area for some temporary jobs and a very few permanent ones. The current county cmmissioners have failed to consider the impact on private property, rivers, streams, salmon habitat, and our air quality.


Vote for Katy Eymann who will protect our local economy, our private property, and public safety.

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Myra G. Lawson