Katy Eymann was born in 1952 and grew up on farm in rural Lane County.  Her chores included feeding the cows, sheep, dogs, and cats. Her home was heated with a wood stove so hauling firewood and Presto-to-Logs was a daily chore.

She learned the importance of public service from her Dad.  Richard O. Eymann who served in the Oregon Legislature for 14 years. After the legislative session in 1973, when he was Speaker of the House, the Register-Guard reported that “’It was a rare session where not only did the little guy get a place at the table, he got a fair serving.”

She graduated from the University of Oregon with Honors in Philosophy and the Law School, where she was Articles Editor for the Oregon Law Review.  She began her legal career in 1979 as a Coos County Public Defender. Later, she opened her own law office in North Bend.  Katy contoured her long history of public service when she joined the Oregon Welfare Advisory Board in 1987 and the next year was elected to the Southwestern Oregon Community College Board of Education. Her colleagues on the Oregon Board of Maritime Pilots, Resource Innovations, and Citizens for Renewables elected Katy Chair.

Katy has been blissfully married to former Secretary of State Bill Bradbury for 32 years.  She currently volunteers at their granddaughters’ school.

“I envision a Coos County where people know when they work hard, they will enjoy economic security and a safe place where their children and grandchildren can grow up surrounded by our incredible natural beauty.” – Katy Eymann

Current Occupation: Attorney

Occupation: Small business owner; Teamster Business agent; bean picker;

Education: University of Oregon School of Law, JD; University of Oregon, BA;

Prior Governmental Experience: Board of Education, SWOCC; Chair, Board of Maritime Pilots; Legislative Assistant, Oregon Senate; County Public Defender.

Fun fact: Katy was one of 8 children, Seven girls and one boy. Katy did not want to change her last name when she married Bill, in order to honor her father, Richard O. Eymann.