Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations
Oregon League of Conservation Voters
International Longshore and Warehouse Union – Local 12

What Are People Saying?

“Katy will work full-time for the residents of Coos County.  Her enthusiasm and fresh perspective are exactly what we need”  

Mayor Kathryn Simonetti

“Vote for Katy Eymann who will protect our local economy, our private property and public safety”

Myra Lawson

“I believe that protecting our environment has to be our first priority, and I support Katy Eymann because she shares this overarching concern.”

Retired Circuit Judge Paula Bechtold

“I think we need a change in a new direction for county government and that’s why I am supporting Katy Eymann for County Commissioner.”.

Lilli Clausen

“Although I am a Republican, Katy Eymann gets my support because she will stand up for landowners like me, who are threatened with eminent domain by a private corporation.”

Ron Foord

“Katy is forward-looking and will put the future of Coos County ahead of special interests.”

Richard Knablin

“I believe Katy will listen to her constituents and lead our county to a more sustainable, responsible future.”

Larry Van Elsberg