Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations
Oregon League of Conservation Voters
International Longshore and Warehouse Union – Local 12

What Are People Saying?

“I believe that protecting our environment has to be our first priority, and I support Katy Eymann because she shares this overarching concern.”

Retired Circuit Judge Paula Bechtold

“I think we need a change in a new direction for county government and that’s why I am supporting Katy Eymann for County Commissioner.”.

Lilli Clausen

“Although I am a Republican, Katy Eymann gets my support because she will stand up for landowners like me, who are threatened with eminent domain by a private corporation.”

Ron Foord

“Katy is forward-looking and will put the future of Coos County ahead of special interests.”

Richard Knablin

“I believe Katy will listen to her constituents and lead our county to a more sustainable, responsible future.”

Larry Van Elsberg