Public Safety

Katy Eymann understands public safety must be a budget priority. During the time Katy’s opponent has been Commissioner, County law enforcement has deteriorated, early jail releases reached historic highs and crime increased.

Any LNG terminal should be built and located according to the industry’s own safety standards. As currently proposed, this one does not and endangers Coos County residents.- Learn more

Local Economy

Katy Eymann has the energy, intelligence and most importantly leadership skills to take us in a direction that will enhance Coos County’s economic vitality. Katy is running to increase the prosperity of all, not just a few elite “out-of-towners”. She wants to increase job training so people who currently live here fill family-wage jobs that are currently available. She wants to strengthen our core industries of fishing, farming, forestry, tourism and welcomes emerging industries. – Learn more

Property Rights

Katy Eymann stands with landowners as they are threatened by a Canadian company that has no respect for our community – they are trying to seize land through eminent domain for their own private gain. Katy supports adopting a Land Owner Bill of Rights that will protect the property of our landowners for this misuse of eminent domain. – Learn more

Affordable Housing

Katy Eymann knows that affordable housing is a top concern for many residents in the county. She is committed to finding ways to create affordable housing.  Furthermore, Katy will work to stop any action that could greatly exacerbate the problem, like the influx of “out of town” workers temporarily driving up rental prices that are already too high. – Learn more

County Revenue

The county faces a revenue shortfall.  The current commissioners have failed to adopt a long-term financial plan and avoid the tough questions the county needs to face.  Katy Eymann vows to make the adoption of a long-term financial plan a top priority when she gets into office. – Learn more

Jordan Cove LNG

Katy Eymann opposes the proposed Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Export Terminal and Pacific Connector Pipeline.  The Jordan Cove Energy Project is not following industry safety standards. If built, it will put Coos County residents at great risk, while avoiding taxes, and seizing landowners land through eminent domain.  Washington, California, and every other coastal county in Oregon have said no.  We should too. – Learn more


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Export Terminal and Pacific Connector Pipeline. – Learn more