“Vote for Katy Eymann who will protect our local economy, our private property and public safety” – Myra Lawson

Our county has abundant natural beauty and resources, which is the foundation for a bright long-term future.  Katy is excited to bring her tireless enthusiasm to protect and enhance our diverse economy of farming, fishing, forestry, tourism, and to help emerging industries flourish in the county.


Katy grew up on a farm in rural lane county and has two step-daughters who make their living farming in the area.  She understands the hard work that goes into farming and the importance of the agriculture industry to our county.  County Commissioners could take the lead by implementing a task force to work with local farmers and ranchers to better connect them to local businesses and restaurants.


Katy has talked to fisherman, she has been endorsed by the Clam Diggers Association.  She understands how important fishing is to the county.

Coos Bay hosts Oregon’s largest Oyster and clam beds.  Mud and silt disturbed by the Jordan Cove Energy Project dredging will smother our oyster and clam beds.  Dredging our bay for huge LNG tankers will require underwater blasting to remove millions of tons of bedrock.  This project will kill crabs and clams important to our economy and will result in erosion of our shoreline. All recreational and commercial vessels will be unable to sail while 1,000-foot LNG tankers are underway in the bay.  The pipeline will harm dozens of rivers and streams that support salmon essential to our economy.

Katy talks with local fisherman Roy Gualt.


Katy recognizes the County forest as one of our greatest assets. 


Katy opposes any overharvest of the Coos County forest just to meet revenue shortfalls. 


She will protect the Coos County forest, so it can be sustained for the long-term benefit of all.


Katy wants to utilize our counties natural beauty for the economic gain of all.  Tourism is a vital part of a diversified economy. There has been a great success in bringing our different communities together through the Rural Tourism Studio program.  “Since the completion of these programs communities have been working together to simulate their home-grown economies through Culinary & Agritourism and Outdoor Recreation initiatives.”

County Commissioners should take a leadership role in this effort to not only bolster tourism for the region but better synchronize the existing industries to work with tourism.

Emerging Industries

We must be prepared to welcome new emerging industries that would like to move here.We can help aid this by investing in high-speed internet in our rural communities. High-speed internet is the great equalizer between large cities and rural towns.Tech companies like Google and Amazon or startups often look for places where the rent is cheap, and the internet speeds are fast.Katy knows making our county attractable to these emerging industries is important for the continued success of the people who live her in Coos County – Learn more.

Job Training

Talking with leaders in the community from employers to policymakers Katy understands the importance of implementing a countywide job training program.  We need our workforce to be ready for the jobs currently available and the ones that will be available in the future.

This program would connect our local schools to local employers to create apprenticeship programs that will lead to real jobs when they graduate.  Investing in our children’s future is of the utmost importance and will benefit all by creating a workforce that is desirable to companies already here and outside companies looking to move here.